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Underworld Enclave (US) (Underworld)

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Underworld Enclave is recruiting new members! 

  • Competitive people with a relaxed attitude. (Most of us have been gaming online for decades, boomers, I know)
  • We can find a place for you, composition isn't really a big deal in this game.
  • We want to kill people, pvp, and progress to get the best gear.
  • Someone is almost always online
  • Helpful guildmates. We're not afraid to give something to someone in the guild, especially if we know they'll do the same. 
  • We will ally other guilds and set up informants within enemy guilds in order to be better prepared to kill/destroy/capture our targets. 
  • We are looking for allied guilds and are for hire in order to bolster numbers or set-up strikes, where needed.
  • Discord, obviously. 

We're looking to the endgame for awesome large-scale PVP. 

We have fun doing pretty much everything. Once we have more people in this game, I'll get a more in-depth Eternal Kingdom set up and set up nobles and vassals for those that have been proven. 

Just send an application or PM me (Tyrazaphael) in game. Thanks guys! Happy hunting!


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