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Enjoyed the launch so far

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After quitting beta due to being burned out of the game,  I decided to come back and try the official launch, and it's much better than before.   I did stumble into common launch problems like log in issues, and crashing, but otherwise the solo PVE leveling was much streamline than it was before.  I'm hoping to see how it fairs once I level up and start to PvP so it should be interesting.

The chat functionality needs some work allowing to have more communication but usually Discord and such is often a better route.   I haven't started crafting yet, but will once I level up.   For now, I'm hopeful it will work out in the end.  

Give it a chance and time.   Also find a guild early and now it's easy to join a guild!   Make sure you make friends with your guild and group up.   Try harvesting, crafting, and/or leveling up together.

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