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Recommended Ranger Stat Build (Elken)


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Good Morning everyone!

I'm still a bit new to the game, but is there a recommend stat build I should use for my Elken Ranger? I know Dex is important (will be focusing more on the bow), but I don't know other stats I should update. Any help is appreciated.



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Maxing your primary damage stat (in this case Dex) is the default assumption for any DPS build. After that, the rest go into Con, Int, or both, depending on whether you want more survivability or more damage.

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is maxing out primary always the best case?  ie. hit the 200 soft cap for dex in this case?

as a side note, i havnt really played much at all until lately. I noticed each class puts stats in different orders. Is the order which theyre shown by importance to the class?

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