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Jump Start Boost - Now Available to Every Crow!"


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All players that purchase a Crowfall Game Pack; or have already purchased a pack (as of July 6, 2021), will be receiving a one-time Jump Start Boost (available beginning July 8), the boost grants immediate rise to Level 25 (grants 1 consumable Tome; you redeem into your account bank and then use in God’s Reach; No Drop/No Trade). They will also be available for purchase in our Store, for Crowns.

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14 hours ago, Maverick494 said:

Why not just start characters at level 25 then? most people aren't going to level to 25 just for kicks.

Probably to give new players some breathing space to accomodate to their class, and then the promotion (specialisation) of their class, as well as for any potential future content that might arrive at a later date, who knows?

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Most need 6-8 characters in CF - so it is a really nice gift if you into crafting or harvesting that is and economy focused guild like myself. ;) 


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