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Druid Balls staying in world but not usable


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Seems that the bug which made druids big green bawls of love remain in the environment but you are not able to explode them or heal from them. 

Anyone else experienced this?

17 hours ago, Tyrant said:

The Dregs game mode needs a few thousand level 25+ accounts that play in the campaign

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that's what she said?

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I concur, same issue here.


Notable circumstances:

1. In combat after 1-2 seconds with the ball existing in the world, can take and heal with it

2. Out of combat, with balls existing 3-4 seconds in the world, cannot take the ball

3. Return into combat using Sacrifice, 50% of balls are collectible after existing 3-7 seconds

4. Out of combat, with balls existing 7-10 seconds, collecting in and out of combat results in no collection of healing balls (around 70% of the time the ball isn't picked up)

5. Out of combat, spawning in balls, 90% of the time can be picked up

(I haven't done extensive testing, but this is what I found when playing, its a little inconsistent.)

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