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Join the House Of Shenanigans! OCE/NA

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Gday gday! 

We're a new guild looking for people to join us as we venture forth into the unknown

Currently on the AU server but we will be going between the AU and NA servers/worlds as new worlds/campaigns are released
Whatever works for us at the time.

I'm aiming for this to be a welcoming and chill guild environment so I don't expect us to be super competitive

I still want us to kick ass where we can but without the stress and drama yeah

As a note I do stream and I do plan on streaming this game in the very near future, you are not obliged to follow that if you're not keen.


House Of Shenanigans Guild Overview/Description:

A chill place for shenanigans and whatnot

A place for new players and veterans to hang out, chat, explore, craft, kill and conquer together

No stiff schedules or intensely rigid. We'll do things as they come to us.

Affiliation: Moon/Kane


Simply put, just don't be an unpleasant person

I want this to be a welcoming guild so leave your salt for your food yeah

Otherwise feel free to apply -> House Of Shenanigans

There is a discord which I will link to you once all things are said and done.


There is probably stuff I haven't thought of or missed so if you have questions or things you want to know, chuck me a message.

So join us as we clusterfjuck our way to victory!

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