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Need better system for Noble & Vassal management


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The current Noble & Vassal management is poor. To add a noble I must: 1) Be in the EK, 2) TYPE /exaddnoble playername or /exaddvassal playername AND the player must be online. In a large guild that's a LOT of typing.

What I would like to see would use the social Guild roster list with the ability to click on members to add, OFFLINE OR NOT!




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I can imagine that as the post-launch development goes on, we'll be seeing many quality of life things being added to Crowfall, as well as various User Experience & User Interface improvements. I'd call that a matter of time once the launch has fully stabilised.

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Whilst I agree some things are fine to come after launch, a system which is integral to how the game works (i.e the economy) is a bit more critical. 

17 hours ago, Tyrant said:

The Dregs game mode needs a few thousand level 25+ accounts that play in the campaign

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8 hours ago, seventhbeacon said:

I don't think the player has to be online. I added noble status to my second account 2 days ago. Though I do agree that the permissions/commands need a huge makeover in user friendliness.

The player doesn't have to be online - but the player has to have logged in since ... the last version I suppose. Like, if the player didn't log into the game since launch, you won't be able to use EK commands on them in the live game.

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