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IDEA for economy boosting


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Thinking about opening a website that will allow for out of game sales for in-game gold on a website. How do people feel about this (like and ecommerce store but the currency is GOLD in game.) Here is how it would work.

Have an in game EK with a vendor that sells things have an website with a ecommerce on it sell things via pic will send an email to you to let you know your buyer wants something you meet up with them in game for the sale via your EK. 

Second idea Create a bank that Loans gold based off interest and other variables

Third Idea 

sell subdomains for In Game gold for people to have there own ecommerce site via my server. 

how do people feel about these ideas?

Im open for other ideas as well maybe a transport service or collection service?

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I think OP want's something similar to Path of Exile.  where your goods are shown on a webpage then you head to the hideout to buy the items.

for CF that would mean heading to the EK and finding the vendor.

Honestly this will happen anyways. It wont be long before a marketplace EK has it.

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