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How do I access my Eternal Kingdom?


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As a 2016 backer I believe I should have my own Eternal Kingdom (maybe everyone has one)? Anyway, the only place I can go from the main menu is Gods Reach EU 1 which is the campaign. When creating my character I recall there being several different options as where I wanted to go. But now, I can't switch "realm" or do anything else than enter the campaign. How do I get to my Eternal Kingdom?

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When you select your character, click PLAY at the bottom. This will give you the list of rings to choose from. 

Select "Player Worlds"

Since you don't have an EK yet, it will take a few moments to set it up, load it, and then enter it. I don't have the screens in front of me, but it's pretty self-explanatory from that point. 


Once in the EK, invest five or so minutes in reading each of the books. They tell you most of what you need to know to manage your EK. 


Good luck! 

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Alright, figured it out myself. Apparently you have to chose your character and click "Play" in order to select a different world. This was previously called "World select" but that must have confused people.. Why is it called "Play" ArtCraft if what you do is select a world?!? >.<

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