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What the devs need to fix asap - after playing for ~15h


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1. Chat bubbles above people's head RIGHT NOW. crowfall right now is an mmo where you can't talk to the people right next to you. Because there's no overhead chat bubbles and the chat defaults to global.....
2. Make the default chat tab, able to see messages from "say", "group", "whispers", "zone".  The fact this wasn't fixed in last 3 years of alpha and needs to pointed out boggles my mind.

3. Why can't we ping, to indicate to party members hey, come here, there's action! Like common!

4. Crafting is complicated, and you can't even see the recipie to see what resources you need, until you equip the right crafting gem(forgot their name right now). You can't track it to be able to easily see what you need to farm/trade. No you're forced to take screenshots and put them on your second monitor like it's 2010.

5. Why is getting any uncommon or rare gems literally impossible in the first few areas? I farmed a lot of nodes in those 15h. The fact I never got anything above common is depressing. I can understand that rare and epic are locked behind dreg areas. But common, we should at least have 5% chance to get uncommons in the starting zones....

6. Why doesn't skyfort just have a runegate in Earth temple, you need to first travel to an other area, then use a runegate in that area to go to skyfort. Which is basically wasting 1-2min of loading, since this game even on nvme drives loads fairly slowly.

7. Why can't we link items/recipies in chat to indicate what we want to sell/trade/buy? Heck why is there no builtin AuctionHouse to make trading a bit easier?(can add limitations to ensure manual trading still happens)

8. Why is there still the terrible mechanic of crafting items has a chance to just fail? You just spent farming for like 1-3h(depends on item quality obviously). And then the crafting just fails. Like how is that fun or interesting mechanic for literally anyone? The fact weapons can't be repaired and take a lot of dmg when you die, already ensures items will keep needing to be re-crafted constantly.

9. Talent resets should just be free(or very cheap) for the character's first few respecs. People are learning the game, they have no idea what's good or bad and forcing non vips to farm 40k first is a really dumb decision.

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As much as some people might take this post as sowing some dissent, I believe that this kind of feedback, just like all kind of feedback (as long as it's not offensive) is necessary for the development of Crowfall.

Chat bubbles, I think this one could be pretty handy to have around. I also partially agree regarding the respec - I think that it should be free until level 25, after which it should cost its regular fee.

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