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Cannot login into game client

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So here's my problem:

I bought the 'Heart-of-a-Hero Game Pack - Special Offer' pack for myself then i bought a 'Crow Base Pack' for my friend so we can play the game.

All worked great, we had fun for like 2 hours but then we logged off because of life and now i cannot login at all in the game.


When i bought the crow base pack thing for my friend i had to gift him the digital copy thing so he can login. but now the support is saying i cant play because i gifted the only digital copy.


Now comes the dilema:

I should have 2 digital copies, one for me and one for my friend. but apparently I do not. I contacted support but they have been dead silent about this and i want to play the game.


Can someone here that works for this game help me in a timely manner?



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