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2021 Best Cutthroat Guide


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  • MisterMostMAD changed the title to 2021 Best Cutthroat Guide

Used your guide when starting at launch. Really loving the garrote build for solo roaming. Can keep people from stealthing away, etc. 

Really liking the cutthroat gameplay in general. Playing solo right now, and cut throat definitely holds its own (I know, everyone says don't play solo, but while learning the metric custardton of information about the basic systems, I find that being solo and able to change activities a bunch is the best way to get your feet wet).

I'll probably look into a build with disengage later, but for an initial build, I'm really glad I went with garrote.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I built my Cutthroat using this spec and it works great!  It's my favorite alt to play right now. 

(I'm leery about what the changes on the Test Server are going to do to the Cutthroat, however.)

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