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refund of broken game


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1st u claim this game is pvp based!. 
I dint had pvp install game I played not existence to me lv 28 ( if make your claim u should sate this: when it is, otherwise in my case I want pvp from start of game as you advertised in you website)

2nd 90% of times enemy ( in this case mob as I could not get any pvp as promised ) i cant see who is hitting me it is invisible  or mounting is invisible even stats of movement is faster .
3rd loot is not collectible even it is visible in client 

X unit thing:  and general mmorpg thing

inventory full rearrange is not a thing like rly what is wrong with you with typical thing of mmo are you having a manger who is coulees of this thing?


Ii can put even more but this is nuf for telling its broken and not playable 



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oh sorry i forgot to put my specs coz eventually u will refer to that as i don't have nuf of something  or not ready to pay etc....
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x 16 core
RTX 3090
M2 x2 raid 0
128GB ram 3600

Internet  last test ( as I cant add image here)
Download : 513.58 Mbps 
Upload: 50.43 Mbps
ping 4ms

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