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Stats for Vindi


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What do you guys think I should be putting my stats into for a vindi templar? Int? Str?

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I need to test this still, but con adds to how much damage you mitigate while parrying. Needs testing because it's not clear if it's running into any caps or not. Basically need to parry some hits with no points in con, then put half your points in con and repeat, then the rest of the points in and repeat again. (this is my low-key hope someone else tries this and posts about it so I don't have to!)

I tried STR/INT, STR/DEX and even INT/STR and was not at all happy with any of them. I think you go full strength and the rest in con for a maximum balance of damage and not being squishy.

(INT sounds good because of the guaranteed crits under 35% health but you have to survive and deal enough damage to get the fight to the point where this applies. Having lower con or lower str does not help with that initial goal.)

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On 7/9/2021 at 5:12 PM, Zaxxu said:

What do you guys think I should be putting my stats into for a vindi templar? Int? Str?

Definitely strength as your primary as everyone has suggested, I think the secondary is more of a personal taste though.


Initially I went Int because crit damage, using Judgement -> Execute I wanted to maximize damage (didn't know parry was 100% crit) but I was feeling too squishy.

Con is great if you're running a barrier (Master of Focus, Rune Caster, etc.) but if you're always running with a healer in your group this is probably irrelevant.


I've seen someone argue that Con/Spr is a good primary/secondary for a vindi, saying that your endgame damage is so high no matter what they favor the survivability of the con and the self healing power of the spr but I haven't given this a try.


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