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EK Browsing/Discovery Suggestions


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Currently, browsing public EKs is pretty hit or miss, and more miss than hit as things are still being set up. Since the game's inter-guild economy depends heavily on EKs, I think this EK discovery issue is a problem. Here's some suggestions:

1) Allow players to "like" or "commend" an EK, giving it a score that displays on the title card and can be used as a sorting feature. Commendations expire after ~30 days (to encourage repeat customers).

2) Show how many vendors an EK has on its title card (maybe group into "none", "a few", "many", and "tons"). This helps distinguish things like PvP arenas from trade and vendor EKs.

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I like these suggestions.

I'm impressed with the game overall, but I really think getting social systems right is what what will make or break this game in the long run. 

I recognize it's a new game - but there's lots of room for improvement.

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