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Why can't I make a thread in genera/other popular categories


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Forum access was on the list of things in the pack that I paid for. Apparently that's not full access, and doesn't include access to the most popular and widely used areas of the forums like general discussion and Eternal Kingdoms, or Crafting and Economy? I cannot even reply to threads asking for help/asking a question that I can give answers to.  What is the reasoning for this?

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6 hours ago, miraluna said:

Send email to support@crowfall.com so they can check your account - if you have purchased any game package you should have forum access.

That should solve it. I noticed this issue with the post-launch new players, which is strange. Maybe there's a recently added post limit before one is able to go out of the 'Welcome to Crowfall' board? Still I find that weird, because I was allowed to make my first post pretty much everywhere.

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