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where to i get geams ?


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I just started playing the game  as of 03.07.2021 and i cant find any infomaing about where to get geams from. There are no infor in the games tutorial theres no gathering tool for it (and if its mining ie: pickaxe i can''t find any  gram nods and i've been to all 8 maps) and any youtube/guilds vids/post are out dated and featuring non existenct game mechanics in the currant cliant.

This part irrelevant to the question but i neeed to rant about this, why is there a vener selling all the low tear metireals and non for this one ?

You would thing that threating all the crafting jobs/class/role  the same making choosing a profetion a personal prefrances and not lined into charetor progession. Yet it vital if you wana lvl up to craft this lvl caping item grave digging pointless crafting mechanic that adds no value to game paly wich you need geams cuz... resones ?

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Gems come from ore motherlodes. The big ones which need to be harvested in group. You also need a miner belt with gem harvesting stat. Jewelry is considered an advanced profession, I think, that's why there isn't gem vendors.

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