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I think this is because support classes, such as this struggle without backup.  I tried to make one, can last a while during fights, but often lose more than win.  DPS can outlast my tankiness, ranged fighters can kite me well enough to live.


Game needs a bit more class balance checks I think.

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Try this build for some solo/small scale https://crowcaine.wiki/builds/@me/new?class=champion&race=stoneborn&talents=a1-b1-b2-c1-c2-d1-e1-e2-f1-h1-i3-j5-j6-k3-l7&majors=entertainer--troubadour&minors=song-of-speed--speedy-retaliate

Unluclky, compared to Barbarian, Pitfighter has much less utility in party.

Run improved Requiem song for some 20% more dmg on enemy party, stick on main target to support dps, and combine blood rage with speedy retaliate's buff to stay in the fight. Go for str/cons: you got 2 barrieres so, specially for small scale/group, think about investing some points in cons as your main focus is to stay alive and keep debuffing tagets. You can also remove "Blood Rage" and "Aegis of Destruction" for "Demorelazing shout" and Fortification" for some better stats/ress but you will lose some mobility..

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