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[=G.O.S=] Guild Under the Stars


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Hi All,


We are a small guild of only two players at present.  We are both new to the game in the Order Faction, running on NA-West servers.  We were both backers for Chronicles of Elyria before it shut down and wish to focus on Crafting though we know that PvP is required in this game.  Our hope is to have a group to open up and maintain fortresses and outposts so that economies can run more smoothly in the various campaigns.


A side note, as a UX designer, I'll be putting effort into creating interactive programs to help crafters plan and design their equipment through cataloging of craft information as it changes.  The most recent updates have rendered previous guides obsolete in this respect.  I'd appreciate help from any interested, regardless of their interest in joining our Guild.


If you are a guild leader looking to ally with other small crafting guilds, we would be happy to join with you.


Guild Page: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Guild Under the Stars#=G.O.S=


You can contact me through the forum, in-game @ Lodestone, or join our legacy discord https://discord.gg/xWWUYt4


Warm Regards,


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