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GAMEFORCE - NA/EU recruiting all Professions/Classes!


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Accepting all new/veteran players!!!

 About Us

GameForce [GF] that prioritize PvP and territory control for Moon faction.  [GF] are striving to be the pantheon that fights the Zergs.  We are NEW/SMALL pantheon that is dedicated helping the underdogs grow and prosper.  Strive to be at the top of the leaderboards with an active and friendly community.


What we Offer

·        Active + Quality community

·        Organized Duels/Tournaments

·        Weekly drills/scrimmages

·        Guild Merchant EK: Buy/Sell wares 

·        Months of Beta + Alpha experience

Goals / Vision

Compete in future campaigns, earning the rewards our community would like the most.  Crowfall is unique in the sense that you get to choose how you compete. With various reward, based on completion of certain objectives, our goals will change from campaign to campaign.

However, in the end, we aim to always be on the top of the leaderboards while maintain a fun atmosphere for our members.



HTTP://GamerForces.ca (Work in progress)

Discord channel: HTTPS://discord.gg/XsAfwRn 


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