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Auto attack triggering global cooldown:


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I will say that I get the auto attack is more or less a spell being casted much like the abilities on the quickbar; however, it makes really dumb and clunky combat when I’m trying to us abilities in-between AA and they don’t fire.

I suggest letting the ability you try to use queue up so it fires right after an auto attack, that way combat is much more fluid.

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this is the same with any class. melee as well. when i started playing i was holding down the LMB but its better to click it and time your attacks. they dont want you to be throwing an AA out and an ability at the same time. 

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It's unintuitive but eventually I figured out to stop holding it down and just click for each eattack in the chain. It works, but IMO there should be a "priority interrupt" if you keypress a non-basic attack it makes that the next move no matter what. Would make combat feel much more responsive.

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