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Back stab always Behind target talent spec not working.


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SOooooooo I sat and killed Elks for 5 hours testing the talent and the Black mask major , and the " always behind target " is 100% not working , The dmg difference from a behind  back stab to using it from the front Crit Or non crit , is a HUGE diff, WITH call of darkness ANd the talent to make Back stab always behind the dmg  of a frontal Back stab with a Crit is topped at 855, Where as using it from behind With out the call of darkness  or the Talent , its 1.6K. Its a HUGE gimp on the class considering the whole idea of those traits and moves. its taking the ability to be a threat in a fight away , Yea i can step behind the target to use the back stab BUT the whole point of those talents and the major is SO I DONT HAVE TO , so i can just bust back stab one of my hardest hitting moves  with out having to worry about positioning. Its kinda complete hogwash really, Its like the Core idea of the build to be able to use back stab and not be behind and it does not even work,  it does even work with call of darkness active and the talent being used at same time , Like, 2 moves to make me considered behind the target and my dmg is NOT BEHIND THE TARGET DMG ! pls , fix it, Its the bread and butter of the assassin cut throat and its not even working, its a waste of a talent point , waste of a major slot , and it takes away from how the class can be played , like I cant do as good in a fight cus my dmg is not as it should be. such a slap in the face figuring this out. fix fix fix fix pls Thank you, other than that the game is pretty great.

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i run with 4 or five other assassins and we have not had any issues with this. i dont think any of us use black mask but the talent works for all of us just fine.

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