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[Discussion] Duelist


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Hello there!

How are you enjoying your Guinecean Duelists?

I really like the design they have, combining both rapier and pistol in combat with lots of grace. An interesting swashbuckler with tons of bravado. In my opinion the fact that it's only available to Guineceans makes it very flavourful and puts an additional light onto the actual species.

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Dirge player for last year here. The ULT is on too large a timer, the damage overall even with purple and above weapons for Impale is too low compared to other classes. Duelists right now fill the pve farmer role.


The ambush power should be buffed and moved out of the middle path to the bottom of the talent tree. If not this at least add as a base power gained from either the dirge kit or added to keen guard. 

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I play a Dirge & Brigand. Enjoy both but spend more time on the Dirge. I'm new to the class, but wish Dirge had a ranged tray for times when I'm getting kited, would be nice to continue to earn pips for those sweet rapier stuns.

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I have played the Duelist through many phases of the alpha and the beta I really do enjoy the class I find myself gravitating more towards the Dirge but in the current phase its kind of in a bad place I think much of the issue stems from the Talent tree and cohesion of the abilities. For instance in order to get the passives from the top of the tree you need rapid fire but you can use rapid fire unless you duel wield pistols but this would hinder the Dirge. Also there is a lag to the abilities or rather there seems to be a cast time on Impale where it can be interrupted where you use the ability and it uses the pips and does no damage or does not stun. The way that Lunge functions is very odd where you use the ability collide with the enemy then soar pass them logically the lunge should end on the Collison instead of roll past the enemy. Also there is a weird bug with the duelist where I don't think the damage is being calculated correctly when you zone in to new areas if you un-equip and re-equip main weapon your damage seems to Jump up, also the damage on the class seems to be a little on the low side but overall I don't think its to bad it just lacks consistency there are time that crits hit for 700 then times they hit 1800  with little reason for it to change. Having a range tray would be a nice addition and maybe make the class more versatile  but there are still all the other underlying issues  also Some of the domains seem like poor options. Sorry for the rant the class is very fun though just needs minor tweaks as do many other classes.

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I love the look, theme and playstyle of the Slayer, but unfortunately...it's just inferior at literally everything it does to another class. 

-In-combat survivability?  Poor, no access to lifesteal, no access to heals outside of disciplines, pips can be used for a weak barrier instead of burst. The tiny in-combat health regen boost and other !Impossible buffs are ok, but really don't even come close to making the class survive longer vs anyone competent.

-DPS - miles behind every other ranged DPS class in the game. Inquisitors out-dps me frequently damnit and they're a dps-healer! Rapid fire, for example is our 'big burst' and should result in half-melting a target where you get a full channel off from 5 pips, all buffs up etc.

-CC - weak, long timers on the options we have to boot.

-Stealth - inferior to assassin stealth in almost all ways and only on-par in one...Could the duellist not get an 'improved' tunnel in some way?

-Ability to disengage/avoid ganks - Not bad at this, but again every other class does it better, Warden with traps, Assassin with 2x restealth ult. Dirge actually has excellent ability here, the other 2 classes, OK-average.

In short, while it's thematically hilarious and fun to pair with other classes, right now the Slayer isn't something that can either solo or contribute to groups as well as a visible class. Yes you can do some fantastic memes with them...but that's about it:

Case in point above re. memes...

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