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Refund policy?


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Hello, im interested in buying the game to try till i wait for new world, i will keep it if i like but want to have the possibility to refund. Where can i find the refund policy/rules. What are the day limits and play time limits? where should i contact to ask for it?

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Yea good luck with getting a refund. I was able to play for 10 mins on launch and have had problems connecting to the game after that. The support team was replying to my messages pretty quick on the first few days in assisting me with the problem i’ve been having. 4 days later, I said i’ll just ask for a refund because its really frustrating and just a waste of my time, they stopped replying.. so if you’re looking to getting the game, don’t bother just yet. Wait til its stable.

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Oh yeah, don't bother asking for a refund, they'll outright deny your right to a refund.

i requested a refund and was told i'm not entitled to one because i played "multiple hours over multiple days" 

multiple hours means 4 - 8 hours
multiple days means - 3 days

my reasoning for a request of a refund was that the tutorial was simply too long and there is no clear indication of discouragement of grief killing...

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Don't buy this game expecting a refund. Their policy is, you have 24 hours from the point of download (you accept these terms via checkbox prior to download).

I myself am in the middle of charging them back via the bank, as they refuse to acknowledge their violation of Australian law (applying a time limit on a return/refund if the product is deemed to have a major flaw that the customer didn't know prior to purchase).

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