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BaSingSe - NA/English


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BaSingSe -NA/English

-Avatar Gaming Community-


Flags of the identities from Avatar: The Last Airbender: vexillology

We rise above our rivals through prudent decision making, organized planning and brute strength. Our community derives from Conqueror’s Blade, a large-scale War Sim that requires hundreds of players, controlling thousands of units, coordinating to succeed at claiming and defending castles. With this we have excelled in team-based communication and community management. Learn more through joining our cause or facing us in combat!

We have also learned a valuable lesson in heavy focused PVP games- “Content over Diplomacy, always.”


BaSingSe’s Current Goals and Warpath: (Updated 12JUL)

1.  Create a strong foundation of active members to support our growth (Complete)

2.  Create an organized Discord (Complete)

3.  Recruiting Period (Ongoing)

4.  Provide a leadership structure with clear promotional pathing for all (Ongoing)

5.  Fill Priority positions. Crafters/Gatherers (Ongoing)

6.  Create an all-inclusive Eternal Kingdom (EK) for members (Ongoing)

7.  Boost crafters & gatherers discipline (Ongoing)

8.  Finalize PVP rosters / Shot Callers / Campaign priorities (Ongoing)

9.  Deploy into Dregs -Current Campaign- (Incomplete)

10. Diplomacy (Ongoing)


BaSingSe Information-

FVF & GVG Goals:

BaSingSe will begin to actively compete in every campaign cycle. We plan on providing an organized, well planned, and mature raiding environment. We excel in WPVP mechanics and have dedicated shot callers to ensure our success.  

Our Griding Philosophy:

"The Holy Trinity of Grinders -Crafters, Gatherers & Gold farmers"

Within Crowfall a strong and victorious community cannot exist without the three holy orders. This game requires extreme dedication from players. We have created a strong culture of unity where these three orders work to a common cause.

Players who focus on PVP and gold farming will actively support gatherers and crafters with funding. While gatherers support crafters with much needed mats to carry on their works. With crafters providing the crucial products for victory.

Gold Farming / PVP Loot System:

BaSingSe will forms groups daily to farm gold and practice our PVP. All loot will be gathered by a single individual and divided equally at the end of the event to include sold items.

(Until this game implements loot systems, we will innovate and create our own.)

The Eternal Kingdom of BaSingSe: BaSingSe Guild EK”

- Currently 3 Parcels-

- Crafters building with 4 major vendors and guild vaults

Priority List - Crafters & Gatherers (Updated 12JUL)

1.   Alchemist

2.   Cook

3.   Jewel Crafting

4.   Skinner / Leatherworker

5.   Quarrymen / Stonemason

Priority List – Classes (Updated 12JUL)

1.   Cleric Arbiter

2.   Templar Paladin

3.   Ranger Warden

4.   Champion Pit Fighter

5.   Champion Alpha Warrior


How to Join-

Apply to BaSingSe- 

Join the community discord: https://discord.gg/7NmRTgUt-  

Assign Crowfall role 

Reach out to: Splike#2416, Styke#9251, Trueguardian#6954 or Toa#4940 for interview and acceptance


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