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Make Your Own Gathering Tools and Potions


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Crowfall gathering from scratch.
1. Get gold. Then get more gold.
2. Make an Alchemist Runecrafter
3. Get named stone, metal, wood and animal meat (wolf-skin, bear-wood, boar-stone, cat-ore, spider-graves)
4. Use Runecrafter to make intermediate tools
5. Use Alchemist to make harvest potions
6. Craft campfire cooking Kebobs for gather type based on meat used. Apple vendor sells sticks, salt and peppers.
7. Eat food and potion. Use intermediate tool and spend hours getting one green discipline
8. Equip green, purchase harvest belt. Go gather two more green disciplines. Take out current green discipline and combine the three for a blue discipline.
9. Gather 6 more greens. Combine to a purple. 48k total gold.
10. Start making advanced tools. Work towards getting a blue runecrafter and blue alchemist belts. Make one potion at a time to increase alchemist discipline drops.
11. Make a Stonemason Jewelcrafter
12. Polish soul gems to make soul gemmed tools for dreggs.
13. Use soul gem tools in dreggs for exotic gathering discipline drops. Foreman is most useful for motherloads.

You really only want one account in the guild to do the runemaker alchemist to start since it takes a bunch of mats to get the disciplines for the blue belts.

The runecrafter blue belt is needed to make the dreggs soul gem tools. Stonemason and jewelcrafter just needs the white disciplines and no belts to polish the soul gem.

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