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Attributes impacting different aspects of exploration


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Does anyone else have some issue with base attributes impacting different aspects of the exploration disciplines?

I find it jarring that in order to achieve maximum potential as a Swordsman main lining weaponsmithing that I would need to max out intellect in order to get the best results from crafting and experimentation. Same goes with gathering and having to max out strength/dexterity or w/e the accompanying trait would be. Sure as a VIP member I could certainly respec my attributes EVERY time I wanted to start a stream of crafting. However I can't imagine that this "workaround" is the intended experience by the gameplay designers.

However, the other alternative would be to create a Mule/Crafting alt (such as a confessor that mains intellect), boost it to 25 so I can hit 200 intellect and just use that character as my weaponsmith while my strength character is my miner. Leaving my book wielding, cloth wearing spellcaster to be my main weaponsmith. This also seems somewhat inconclusive.

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If you want to max an specific aspect of the game the best chance is to make an specific character for it. You can also make several things with the same character but some stats may not be optimal for some of the tasks.

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That's what I mean. Maybe it's just me, but I find a game design decision that requires a player to create a very specific character irregardless of race/class/quests/major/minor for the sole purpose of being able to take advantage of "everything there is to offer" in a single specific aspect of the game to be a design decision that is worth revisiting.

This isn't just for Crowfall but for the RPG type genre as a whole. If I am going to create a new character, it should be because additional characters offer variety, different experiences, different play styles. Not because I need a separate character that will be unable to accomplish anything else except for one specific task.

This is especially important if it's a hassle to have to constantly change characters to perform game functions.

Using a simple example to illustrate my meaning using a theoretical MMO RPG game. This example has existed in many other games.

Say you have a game where characters have a limited number of bank slots that cannot be increased. This game encourages and allows you to create multiple characters (this would be different if you were only allowed say one character).

Now let's postulate that a specific profession/class in the game requires a lot of room at the bank to store many different items. Players who play this type of character are having to create a fresh new character that is used just for the purposes of the bank. However, these players constantly have to log in back and forth between their bank characters. Waiting on 20 seconds log out timers, game loading, server connection, etc. every time they switch characters. It's important to note that this "workaround" is completely allowed and within the scope/design of the gameplay experience.

As a game designer that is theoretically invested in player experience. Would this type of scenario be ok? Or would you want to implement a system that would improve this scenario? Maybe you expand the size of the bank, maybe you allow players to purchase additional bank slots which become an integral part of playing this particular profession. Anyway you tackle it, I can't imagine that the initial scenario would be a desirable end state for anyone. (Which is currently very similar to the Crowfall gameplay I explained)

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6 minutes ago, Groqstrong said:

Is there a explanation somewhere that shows what attributes support which discs?

If you click the Details button the character window, you can highlight all the different things and they will show you want they go off of. 

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