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Dropped rate for harvesting is a bit to low


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I like to craft in games, but when i harvest here i get 1 item / harvesting. I harvest a tree, 1 lumber, and so on. At the start of the game i got 3 to 6 pieces per harvest, now only 1.

And with 1 items per harvest, the harvesting is dead for me, because that is not funny anymore if you need 300 to 400 pieces of ore to craft an adavanced weapon.

The wood is possible, but leather is out of the window, it takes the longest for me and for ONLY 1 piece of leather.... forget it.

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12 minutes ago, Shagfox said:

and tool belt.

Do you have a link to info on what stats/gear you need in order to be able to use a tool belt? 

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You need at least intermediate tools and harvest in a PvP area to get the drops for that belt. Or get a belt from your guild. But guilds will probably first collect disciplines until their main crafters/harvesters are equipped with an epic belt.

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5 hours ago, Shagfox said:

The harvesting is set up so that it gets better as you upgrade your exploration rune and tool belt.


Yes, but getting 3 drops at the start with starting gear and getting 1 drop for the whole harvesting spot.... where is the logic in that.

(and i am using intermediate mining pick axe)

And the ore you mine in the start is only slag, that you can use for nothing.... why even put it in?

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