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I joined a guild, "Dilbo Dabbgins."


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You guys backed this guild and they kicked me from a campaign and I lost three backer mounts, all my toolkits, and all my armor across three characters' for joining them. Dilbo Dabbgins is harvesting players' for resources to fast-track their crafters to top level. I don't see why I should be losing backer mounts to players' who're clearly farming the community for resources, and what strikes me as odd, is you guys are backing them. This guild. Here is a link to one of his videos: 

I want my backer rewards back on my account at least. I lost three backer mounts, one a spider, which was a speedy mount that I would like to be replaced! These guys are clearly just farming people for resources, because when I complained to them, they instantly kicked me from their guild, so I was forced to quit the campaign.

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Aren't backer mounts and belts no-drop/no-trade? You should just be able to export them from Dregs to Gods Reach like Wyatt said...

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