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Stats and harvesting / crafting


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Is there somewhere you can see what stats effect what skills? And what exactly the Stat does for that skill?


You'd think it'd be in the tool tip when you hover over each stat...but it is not. 

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you can also click the details button on your character sheet, and then select from the 3 tabs in the details pane, it gives you more details about basically everything with a hover over showing what stats change what (it does not tell you the math of 1 stat point = whatever in secondary stat pool)

Graveyard Harvesting Organization, Union Local 451 [GHOUL-451] is recruiting, talk to your local union rep.

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It isnt mine, nor do I know the original author to give credit unfortunately.

17 hours ago, Tyrant said:

The Dregs game mode needs a few thousand level 25+ accounts that play in the campaign

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