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Hellgates, Arenas, or at least PvP enabled tiles in EKs

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Please introduce a hellgate or arena. 5v5 or 6v6 combat is extremely important as it teaches fundamental combat to players which encourages player retention. If players understand the game and are not just getting ganked they will be more likely to continue playing and invest long term. New players do not have the best settings to learn all of their cooldown rotations and group dynamics. Sky Point has a lot of zergs or only some 5v5s. 5v5/6v6 composes a zerg, if players are not good in a group together, how can they be good as a zerg? 

To test popularity of 5v5, please make the ability to enable PvP on a specific tile in an EK. This would allow players to create public arena EKs that could be more easily managed. Making an entire EK PvP makes the process of training new players that much harder as they get ganked. There is no where for them to come into the game and learn without joining a mega guild and those guilds do not often duel. Players like myself want to make public EKs that have 24/7 dueling arenas for players to practice without a 3rd party. 

I understand you can make an entire EK PvP enabled, I know I am saying this again. When we had full EK PvP enabled people were just getting ganked on the public EKs. Private EKs are not easy for new players to find. 

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They should definitely add hellgates. Just rip the entire concept straight out of Ablion, no shame. Copy and paste it straight into the game.

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Would like to see them just add additional zones to campaign maps that have:

  • smaller, variable sized maps with PvP objectives appropriate to the size.
  • smaller, variable sized zone caps (30, 60, 120, ...)
  • strict, fixed alliance/faction zone cap proportions (one group per, two groups per, three groups per, etc)

Basically, just build these kind of battleground-like zones into the campaigns directly to provide variety in scale of conflicts. Want to run a 6 man against other 6 mans? There are zones for that. Want to do small scale fort sieges in a 12 man against other 12 man groups? There are zones for that too. These could contribute to the conquest game as well, which would force large guilds to compete across various size scales while providing small guilds ways to compete on similar footing in some limited spaces. It's not necessary, but some kind of fast travel and/or queue system to get into these zones would add a way to quickly find and get into conflicts that are reasonably matched to your desired group size. All this being additive to the current campaign system, so the large, open adventure zones are still there to provide the less structured, large scale PvP. 

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 Hellgates are horrible plan and simple. If anything they should introduce something similar to Darkfall Dungeon in DAOC or do something like SOTA with pvp available dungeons with competitive mechanic like teams advancing and should one team cross a threshold it makes it more difficult for the opposing teams

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Hell Gates (5v5 or 6v6) would be an amazing addition to this game. 

Any MMR based system for competitive "e-sport" gameplay would turn this game into one of the best MMOs that's in the market.

For example, as someone coming from Albion Online, they have Crystal League; which is a 5v5 Domination Game Mode with 3 caps. 

It created the most watched event within the game and made the overall population of the game better due to the understanding of mechanics.

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