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Tradeable Parcels

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I feel like even if "economy" was their reasoning, it still doesn't quite make sense. Stonemasonry is already an unpopular choice due to how Material Intensive it is, I'd imagine having tradable parcels and buildings would be nothing more than another addition to a player driven economy. I actually even rather like stonemasonry and would love to have that option to make more off it.


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17 hours ago, BeardslayTTV said:

For the life of me, why can't I trade my parcels in-game if they're already redeemed? 

Are you talking about backer rewards parcels or crafted parcels? As far as I know both backer parcels and buildings are not tradeable, while crafted ones or those won in campaigns are. Which actually makes sense. Pay-to-win issues and so on. ;)

As for the economy thing, it's like printing money. It doesn't help the economy if the country just prints more money. Quite the opposite. And the same would happen if parcels that came from outside the economy (which is: payed-for backer rewards) would engulf the ingame market.

If non-trade is restricted to non-ingame-crafted items that is.

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