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Enchants should go back onto RM's


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I guess i really just don't understand why we removed seals from runemaker, it was a nice system when the enchanting system was announced I assumed that they were just going to change runemaker from seals -> enchants.  This current enchant system is as bad as trying to obtain specific disciplines, RNG on top of RNG.

I've been trying to obtain mining enchants for a solid week now...It's entirely possible i just don't know the best place to farm them.

I've gotten many woodworking & runemaking enchants from elementals. 

My entire active guild has found 1 mining enchant since launch, which came from an outpost chest, is there actual farmable mobs that can drop these enchants?


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Would that give too many crafts to runemakers? They already get to help runeforge for every weapon.

Would really like to see something tweaked for getting enchants though, don't like fiddling with EK and Server hopping to try and find the enchants I need, and the discord doesn't always have what I need. Maybe an enchanting disc with different levels added to each, or allow the enchants to be made with a certain crafting disc? Like how we get Hoarder/Foreman for harvesting.

Could also have what would be an enchant drop now be an enchant scroll that gives a one time recipe to make one of a few enchants to make getting what you want easier

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Image my disappointment when I spent the time to grind armorsmith to blue disc / blue belt and runemaking to blue disc / blue belt.. only to find that all the old stuff like +harvest / crafting has been changed to RNG drops for enchants anyone can apply :( 

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