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02/27/15 - Achievement Unlocked: $800K Pledged!

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We won't have papal this week (there's a process where we prepare for eu tax legislation) but we should be ready early next week.


This all happened faster than we expected, as you can tell. - which is a very good problem to have!



i am fine with that~


But jeah. It was faster then expected.

After that first hump to 50%, i expected it too take some more days ... i was wrong. Luckily.




And jes, taxes .. bah ...


Hopefully paypal will help with getting more funds.

Generally one should expect 20% of the KS pledges on the Paypal one till end of campaign.

There's alot of people out there like me ...


Good work.

And keep the infos comming, together with the love.

Still in need of a info on combat on the KS, that clearly states what you have planned.

Telegraphs for ranged .. are bad ... turns away alot of people. And hinders physic and friendly fire in a meaningful way.

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yeah @Mourne, but it's important to spread the words, because there are many players who would enjoy this
game for sure, but they don't know that the game exist yet based on little to no advertisement from ACE.
I've advertised a lot in other communities about CF hours upon hours, because I believe that ACE can create an amazing experience for us players.


I got the info on CF from .. EQN/ Landmark people on the last "Q&A stream".

Which was most likely ... the last we ever had seen of an update ...


Their openess is now a closeness .. with lies and "we can't tell you stuff".

Hope we can get alot on these fundraising. So that there wont be any need for a publisher ... or a "rude" investor with "changes on his plan".

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...so .. paypal pleaes?

Pretty pleaes?

I want to pledge now too .. but i only can with paypal.

Someone said, after it is funded. I am counting the seconds atm ^^.

This ^ 

I want to increase my plage but i need the paypal to do this ç.ç


Congratulations ACE team. Crowfall is one of the only games that are making me think that i can wait until December or 2016 without leaving the hype train. Keep up the good work and let Eric go back to doing many great characters. :D


@TullyAckland hope you get better, we need all of you guys!

Edited by Vaands

"An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A Ranger practices until he never gets it wrong." -The Lost Stories  


✣Junte-se a nós✣

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Congrats to the gang at ACE for not giving up on the PVP genre MMO and hitting 800K!!


BIG shout outs to the community for logging in everyday, spreading the news and keeping the conversation positive!!


A big slap on the back to the 'Care Bears' who are edging closer to the overall understanding of the crowfall project. I'm sure some of these guys are priming their fangs and sharping their claws and ready to experience a very different style of game play that's outside their comfort zone. 


This is exciting!


The Balance - Nation of Equilibrium

"You can run but you'll DIE tired.."

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I hope that all this money will help you maintain the control of the game over the world. 

I'm from Europe and I really hate when good games are managed by dinosaurs that tries to suck every money they can from players but at last they fail and bring down the servers.

Edited by hexxen

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I have to say this was a pretty great thing to wake up to, even if I feel like death from a sickness Blair spread around the office. (thanks Blair)


Thank you, everyone! 

Was this the preemptive blame Blair if there are any setbacks statement?




Rage Quit

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Looks like "rampant speculation" was a rousing success. If somehow Crowfall crowfails (God forbid) then at least some of you guys can get jobs consulting for crowdfunding campaigns, because ya'll really hit it out of the park with this one. Of course, Crowfall being amazing and particularly innovative in a very stale, shrinking genre is the real reason why this campaign succeeded, but there is definitely something to be said about how well you ACE's (I'll bet ya'll just love that acronym) fueled the hype train all the way to the moon, while still keeping people's confidence in you that you could pull it off. Ding, gratz!


(I figured you'd appreciate folks using a bare minimum of two ya'lls per paragraph on your forums ACE.)

Edited by emralled


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