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Example for scout/ranger. Have a skill similar to "eyes of the beast"  in wow that allows you to control and view from the pet perspective.  It would tie neatly to a stealth/recon toon to allow you to expand your scouting view.


Depending on how encumbrance works, mule pets wouldn't be a bad idea and would provide a loot target for other players.


I could go either way.  My guess is that it could prove valuable content for those who have interests other than pure PvP.


So why not.


Great idea. Pets tied to character in some useful way sounds nice. Not just buff, but some useful ability.


And if I ride my black spirit wolf it makes me incorporeal and I can travel safely because I can be dismounted only by damage from special kind of weapon... Too far? Well... Just musing.


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The problem with pets in a PvP game is the AI need to be really well developed to not be abused.


"Agelmar is King of the Hypocrites and Ruler of the Kingdom of Hypocrytia"

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Shadowbane  pet sytem is pretty good, put points into pet get a buff for pet  and your redy, if your character  is only for pet then this is good


TheHateCrew- core member

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taming ala UO.


taming was a massive pain in the ass to raise, you had a finite number of pets you could keep, there was a cost associated with storing them (which if you didn't do, they went wild and ran away), you had to feed them, and another 2 skills was required to examine and heal them.


most people strove to tame a dragon, with good reason, as it was very powerful in PvE and situationally in PvP but the ability to tame almost any mundane animal allowed for some interesting options for the creative player. I ran around with 5 snakes (not giant serpents, the small as ****, can't click on them, exact same color as the ground, snakes) with great success.


have pets, but make it something specialized and somthing one must earn, i dont want to see every player running around with a flying, bedazzled, dragon fairy you don't have to think about.


Hunters is WoW did have one awesome aspect going for them, however, the fact that people could find and tame ultra rare monsters. I always liked that.

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