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Druids And A Dynamic World

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I think Druids will definitely have all kinds of interesting and unique abilities, as a support class, especially since healing is not a big part of things, I also think, given how important the environment is to the gameplay, that Druids will be able to interact with that environment in various ways - either 'out of the box' or through their Promotion Classes and available Disciplines.


There are at least 2 environmental variables that we know of - seasons and the effects of The Hunger. Seasons suggests the possibility of weather, or at the very least, the known effects of warmth and cold...with these understandings, I can imagine abilities such as the following:



-The Power to Impact Seasons: Seasons will, in theory, have two main effects - one on the availability of food, and the other on temperature, which relates to cold effects, and possibly movement speed. If a druid or several druids could cast a spell or perform a ritual that temporarily changed what season was in effect in a small or medium-size area, it could have significant effects on gameplay. Changing Winter to Fall or Summer in the area near your holding could make food easier to harvest, while changing Summer to Fall or Winter in your enemies area can make it more difficult for them to stay fed. Making it warmer or colder in an area would also be a way to use the environment to help your side or hurt the enemy's.


-The Hunger: With their intimate knowledge of the world/worlds, perhaps things like ley-lines or even the cosmic aspects of the overall universe within which the many worlds exist, Druids are naturally - no pun intended! - likely to have researched and gained an advanced albeit incomplete understanding of The Hunger. They could perhaps create small fields or bubbles in the land where the effects of The Hunger are minimized or even negated, or at the opposite end, manifested or accelerated. Both of these would be of practical benefit in a conflict scenario, as well as extremely interesting visually.


-Wildlife: While we don't yet know by what process players will acquire mounts and draft animals, should they be collected in the environment, these too will be a resource and something that could be tied to the seasons as well as the corrupting effects of The Hunger. As the world gets colder certain animals may become more scarce. If the druid were able to temporarily change the season in effect for s limited area, this could allow for, or remove, the presence of these necessary creatures. In the context of The Hunger, perhaps Druids could 'revert' corruption a stage or two, so as to make the wildlife in it's area of operation suitable for use as mounts or draft animals, or just less dangerous...and again, offensively, could maybe accelerate corruption on creatures in enemy lands.



These are just a few examples of exciting and very useful abilities Druids could have. Crowfall's destruction mechanics, it's seasonal changes and the Hunger corruption all contribute to a dynamic world. Druids offer an opportunity to add an interactive aspect, and a tactical one, to this world.

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I think changing the weather in some way is an amazing idea. Sure the impact on food etc would be great but setting thunderstorm to clear a battlefield of easily spooked animals, or forcing one side to fight in mud and cold would be cool. Not to mention the social aspect on EKs, everybody wants a druid to come to the party! Raining? Not on my watch! POW! Sunny beach day!


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