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The main Vandal and Cutthroat problem is that both only have a stealth Recon and most talents focus on Recon.
Since the 7.0 nerf they overlooked the fact that you can not go into stealth in a battle anymore, so you can't apply it if  you get ganked, if you are in a larger fight or if the opponent simply has it cleansed.
Without the recon debuf your abilities are stripped from power and utility.

Like xerwolf suggested, you can go Deadly Infector / Poison Sapper those work quite well with all the poison unlocks you get, Envenom being an alternative ultimate to the weakened Shadowstep which you can actually use in a battle. (Shadowstep will only let you very unreliably escape).
That Majors provide quite a lot of damage with Envenom plus your recon AOE but you are also very squishy of course.

Or go Blackguard tank, that class specialization was significantly boosted and might just work as a gap filler until the devs work out a fix for the other two.


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It use to be the cc class . now they just stripped the cc and added poison on basics called it a day really lack luster. why not just go cutthroat. Vandal is not in a great spot. Your only point dump is requiring you to got plague and take deadly infector kinda lame. Why not just include Diffusion in the promo since its now all about poison .  Or if vandals basic attacks are poison included bows that would be nice. 

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I feel like there is no real build path to Vandal. Go full CC like the Vandal promotes and you lack sustain. Go sustain and you lack mobility. Go mobility, you either have no sustain or no CC. The poison melee damage feels kinda off, given that you just can't touch the poison talents in the top row with any build ever because it will leave you without mandatory skills. I can't fathom why they are even there, when the only inert sustain talent that would justify taking them is on the opposite side of the tree...

Any build you do with a melee needs to account for incoming damage. You need to either:

  1. Mitigate incoming damage
  2. Sustain incoming damage
  3. Escape incoming damage

Mitigation: You can take Deadly Infector for Evenom. Thats about it. Either take it or have none. Oh yea, Backstab barrier ... yay. Since shadowstep has one charge now and is your only way to escape damage you will never use it to mitigate damage anyways. Or take blur and decide which talent you want to not have: Disengage, Blink Step or a stat bundle.

Sustain: You have the option of going Baba Yaga's gift combined with Deadly infector and either Nightstalker or Poison sapper. If you run Deadly Infector, Baba Yaga is a must have and vice versa. If your second Major is anything other than Nightstalker or Poison sapper, you have piss poor infight sustain and will melt even when farming mobs.

Escape: You have Disengage and Shadowstep. Blink step kinda, if you manage to blink step to a healer and disengage off of that to gain distance.

So you are left in that odd situation where the Vandal Fantasy would have you dish out CC like crazy and "control" the enemy, but you are shoehorned into building like a blackguard without dagger storm and plate armor. If you are caught out of stealth and are running Evenom, you are toast. Your poison auto attacks don't scale off of piercing penetration anymore, so yeah. Speccing into poison pen hurts your spender because diffusion is piercing damage. Your Recon can be cleansed and should it fall off, you have no damage.

There is one single role that the Vandal can fulfill in my eyes and that is as a stam drain bot in small scale pvp with stink bomb, sitting in stealth and doing jack manure apart from that.

Edited by Cashew
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