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Seeking Australian Guild


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Hi fellow crows,


I am looking for a family friendly Australian Guild for myself and my family to join.


We are extremely casual but have been playing MMO's for several decades between us.


Reach out and let me know what's the right guild for us.



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Hey we are a casual Aussie guild, getting more active with a handful of people. The name is Southern Sky Company: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Southern Sky#SSC

Go ahead and join if you want, the guild is open. 

The leader of the guild and myself have kids, and we have others who are late teens.

If you're still looking for a guild, this is the general hub he have set up: https://discord.gg/pfTSjVwNvQ

Introduce yourself in the general chat, and I can add you to the guild private area to hang out. We are on most nights at some capacity, currently just mucking around in the Shadows.

We even placed in the top 20% in the previous Aussie Guild vs Guild (Dregs) campaign, even with just 4 of us active on there.

We're still organizing ourselves. But we don't have any expectations on your time, just hang out and have fun, while we explore the game.

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Thanks for the response!


Your exactly the type of guild I am looking for, I have just left the guild I joined and will apply within 24 hours when I'm able.


My family will follow suit. In game I've just hit level 29 on my Templar so I could use some guidance on how to make the transition to Crowfall from the tutorial section.


See you guys in game.


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