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Another attempt at suggestion for territory system


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I hope your parcel wide buff for friendly territory buff was ur solution to people asking for a territory system :P

But lets get started with the suggestions

Concept of the territory system and reason for it

  • The system make it so when you own a point on the map you can only take control points adjacent to it this includes forts, keeps and castles (hand shake seiging when implemented will only be able to be initiated by the alliance that has a connecting territory parcel to the keep/castle
  • This will help smaller guild make a place in the current zergy dregs and prevent large zerg alliance from destroying keeps/castles from smaller alliances from the otherside of the map
  • this will also promote territory dispute with nearby alliances rather than everyone on the map when it comes to objectives.
  • Conquest will now be scored for alliance not individual guilds and capture points will be alliance based aswell this is to prevent 5 large guilds in an alliance being able to take points everywhere limit there influence across the world map (campaign rewards can be claimed by the leader of the big shield of the alliance and distributed as they see fit)

How it works

  • Every single parcel in the game with have a corresponding outpost in it with the exception of mobs camps and wilderness banks(yes there be more capture points in game which was an issue in the past however with the limitation of only being able to capture outpost connecting to one you already own you wont be running across the map capturing everything like the old days which will be good since it should provoke constant fight with neighbouring alliances.
  • You may only capture control points in a parcel adjacent/connected to a parcel you own already this includes keeps/forts and so on this also means leading up to fort time the outpost will be hotpoints as alliances trying and get a connecting point to capture it
  • If you own a keep/castle all capture points must be linked to the the keep if the link becomes severed all capture points no longer connected to the keep will slowly go to natural after 30 minutes if not reconnected to the keep in that time (this add some stratergy where if a force is pushing out into your territory you can potentialy sever that link preventing them from pushing out without re-establishing it and failing to do so will cause a loss of territory
  • owning a territory adjacent to a rune gate allows you to capture points on the other side allowing you to progress to next zone.
  • fort times will now all go live at the same time in the zone (can have each zone a different time zone kinda like how albion did it with there seige times) and will last an hour like normal this will reduce seige time take each night to and hour + the time beforehand holding control points around it. This will also spread fights out into the fields around the forts to control the control points over having the same old fort fight push (3 hours of forts is too long each night and most people play time gets eated up by forts and they cant do things they want this will help rectify that problem)
  • declaring a seige someone with handshake seige requires you to own atleast on territory connecting to there keep (this allows defenders to try and stop the seige by declaring if they see you pushing territory towards there keep) however once the seige is declared you must maintain a connecting territory to the keep for a period of time lets say 30min to 1 hour to allow for defenders ta chance to stop the seige from happening during this time if you loose the connecting territory to the keep for more than 5 minutes the seige gets cancel however if you can hold it for an hour u can place 3 bane tree anywhere withing 3 parcels of the keep these are the bane tree you will have to defend when seige starts and the time the seige starts will be 23hrs from when it was declared so the next day, there should be a gold cost wager as well that the defenders receive if they win based on the building they have built
  • alliances that down own a point can capture anypoints on the map however once they control a point they must capture point adjacent to it until all point they own are lost (could make it so they have to start with a rezz outpost instead of small camps) so they can use that as a staging ground. this also allows small guilds to be hired by other guilds to capture points and sever large guild territory connection to prevent a force pushing out aswell potentially and force them to pull back and defend there lines.

This system should help reduce the oppression of large guilds on smaller ones that cant stand up to them and potentially find a place for smaller guilds to own a keep away from the big zergs without fears of them running across the map just to take ur castle at seige time, it also creates for more strategic plays and promotes neighbouring combat/rivalries over fighting the whole world, yes u can still pvp where ever but the territory system will give a feeling of home base for guild and alliance and potentially allow for small/mid size guild find there place in the world without as much of a fear of a zerg seiging them assuming they dont set up keep right next to there area :P

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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Hand shake times for sieges is perfectly fine. The biggest complaint I hear from EAST coast players is the current times are not doable. Its way to late for any working adult on eastern time. 

Outside of hand shakes and guaranteed pop slots for defenders anything like gold costs, owning connecting territory ect are all going to dumb down the works and provide huge penalty to small and mediums groups being able to participate. 

Right now dregs consists of 3 main groups. They are everything. Nothing anyone outside of those 3 groups do means a spit. Its 3 large groups wading around the Dregs while everyone watches and fights for scraps at outposts. 

*Mercanism must thrive.

*Third party sieging must thrive.

*Hand shake siege times is a MUST

Save everything else and turn on friendly fire FFS.

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