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necessary things to do to fix crowfall


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At this time crowfall has lost over half of its players, to include over half of its beta players, and sadly is losing people at a steady rate with little gain. This is now the end of the first month with seeing about 50% loss of players. By end of second month at this rate the game will have become dead entirely, mostly due to a few issues in game that have not been addressed in years by the development team, and a few other issues they are refusing to adress.

1. Rules - You have rules in this game for a reason. One of these rules is you can only have five allied guilds. Currently there is a 15 guild mega alliance you are allowing that is not fighting each other, but only fighting everyone else, sometimes in their five guild group against a few people, or sometimes as more together as a recent defense which was about 8 guilds in total defending against a group about a third of their size in total just to win. To this date you have enforced no rules that I am aware of. For you to have people, especially pvpers', some of them at least, return to this game you will punish the people blatantly breaking your rules to get ahead / get wins. Due to the multiple accounts for top tier rewards and sheer power gap this has created for the mega zerg as compared to everyone else in game, either permenant bannings for all accounts main and alternate is needed, or the complete wiping and resetting of all accounts so they start over, with warnings that should they pansy out like this again, the banning will be permenant. Something to this manner must happen or any chance of having things such as dregs campaigns / faction v faction (which is your game) is not happening. Not doing this will see your game finish dying, this is mandatory.

2. Moderating - a game needs moderated to have balance and structure, or you get things such as number one above. This is a long standing issue you have had for years. As a case in point during beta you had well over half the game in one faction completely halting any form of balance in pvp among the factions. Actually it was closer to 65%. This is the current case with faction v faction with one faction having over half the game in it, and dregs has one mega alliance that is roughly 80% of the players in dregs in size. It took your development team months to recognize this was even a problem, stupidly and I mean REALLY stupidly. Yet you decided never to have balance among the factions, and not only to allow the mega zerg, but to reward it. You as a development team had stated that instead of manually creating balance and making sure these things do not happen, but to have various rewards set that would entice non zerging to happen. Here we are at launch and you are rewarding zerging heavily, and blatant breaking of your rules. Stop admin, just stop and moderate your game. You have known for years people will lie to your face, cheat, and do anything they can to claim a victory, over having to actually pvp. This is a pvp game. This moderation has to be done for crowfall to succeed, and it is mandatory.

3. STOP WITH THE PVE - I have to say this in this manner - this is a pvp game. The sheer amount of pve required in this, is more than any other game currently in existance. In many games that have such as arena pvp, you can level in arena pvp, you can gear up, you can actually pvp all day every day. This game requires so much pve that over half the pvpers you have lost, has left because of how much pve you require. Your passive skill system was not broken, though did need tweaks, and though it put people that started the game behind the curve, everything was balanced to individual account. You scrapped this to make a grind that favored blatant rulebreaking in dregs, and a pve grind so massive it takes months of pure grind and no pvp just to be finished, and then you still have the constant pve grind for pack animals, jewelry, all the materials, AND raid bosses / group bosses, etc etc. Did I mention that need is never ending? At least unless you are in a mega zerg to garauntee you have the least amount of losses from lack of trying at pvp etc etc. STOP WITH THE PVE YOU FREAKIN MORONS. There is no other way to say that. You stated little grind, but you made the most pve grindy game currently in existance. Take away the dang raid bosses entirely. This stupid grind for harvesting / crafting disciplines - lower that by two thirds, and the gold cost by 3/4, to be able to HAVE more pvp than pve for everything but the zerg guilds, because currently most are doing 95% pve with 5% pvp like we are, and leaving the game, and getting progress with no end in sight. The person who thought of this in my recommendation I would say fire them. If it was one of the few higher ups who came up with this, I recommend the board of directors remove them. Something done as this to reduce the pve grind, as well as constant grind with the materials after is 100% needed.

4. Fix crafting - currently only purple and legendary gear gets the full stat bonuses on gear, everything else gets only one stat (such as for armorsmithing, 3x copper giving crit and attack power, where blue and below only gets crit. If this was accidental it needs fixed. If this was on purpose the person responsible should also be removed from the staff. at rank 6 nodes you get on average of 2 purple per half hour. rank 7 nodes 6. 8 nodes a bit higher, 9 and 10 the best. This is with plentiful harvest 5 etc. It is made worse that with faction v faction no longer the core of the game as the developers stated would be, they made it dregs, and gave dregs to the mega guild and said ok, everyone else in the game, your effed in getting any legendary / most ability to get purple gear. Faction v faction is where most of your players due to size (and most of your pvpers are since pvp guilds rarely run more than 30 players) would be. Can you guess another reason aside the grind and your lack of moderation that they have been leaving? Yes, all their time in this grind is still netting them absolute dog crap that they can get from, guess what, more pve grind! Fire the person involved, make all crafted gear get full bonuses for their tier. This is mandatory.

5. Map layout - have you wandered the map and come across that one motherload in the middle of nowhere? Have you wondered who the eff was the genius that decided to do crap like that? Look no further than the devs. Really are you going to stand there and harvest that one motherload per 10 min? With that one tiny ore node next to it? If you said yes to this quit your job and life. That is all I have to say. The system before was not broken, where you had at the keeps (and a reason to be at the keep) alot of ore, often enough to support 2 or 3 harvesters (though unfortunately one like me could crush alot of hte ores there) and they were rank 9 and 10. Everyone in faction could gather from them. Elsewhere in the zone were pockets of ore also, and one zone could support multiple guilds enemy and ally, and were also a hunting ground. Now the ore is so spread out some of them are absolutely stupidly placed with no other nodes near (this goes for everything harvest) and these nodes are completely worthless for any gathering, especially for any efficiency. To make matters worse, all nodes are now in the middle of nowhere, sometimes around the mountain, usually where pack pigs are found. So now we have where gank the harvester / gold gatherer is a thing commonly done, to even more done with less chance of a harvester doing anything about it, garaunteed loss of any gold gained (which was made lower than before) AND garaunteed loss of at least half of my mats, all my runes, and all my dust / special items. You had a system that was not broken before, but made into something absolutely terrible. You need enough mats to support a faction, where there are hundreds to thousands in a faction. Current material supply can support a few small guilds only, unless you are in the 15 man alliance in dregs.

6. Guild size - currently zones can have 250 people in it, so guilds can be 500 people large, with up to 5 guilds in alliance (unless you are even more of a pansy like winterblades and have to cheat to win). If you cannot see a problem with guilds being able to be 500 people, with 250 man max zones, quit your job and life. Due to zone size, a zone at all times should have multiple guilds in it for competition. 50 players in a guild should be maximum for full effects of this, to include their crafter accounts. Due to only 250 maximum size, the guilds should not yet have vassals / alliances until zone size is massively increased. Right now, the size of the zones is small enough that i honestly believe this game is ran on an old laptop, especially given the poor optimization. Your pvp guilds are almost always smaller than 50 people. How they operate, I will use ours and say, corvus citadel as an example. If we ran into each other red is dead. On the flip side I will hop into their discord hey guys whats up? Wanna go again :P because pvpers love pvp. It is only your zergers that hate it and will break the rules to avoid it like winterblades and the mega alliance. Your game was advertized for competative pvp, which is the arena of your pvpers. They will handle smaller guilds, and fighting, and actually trying to compete or they can get gone. This one is important, and you have to reduce guild sizes to support your lack of ability to handle people in a zone / map and even less that are fighting.

7. Deal with your alt accounts and pay to win situation - alt accounts cannot be guilded, period. They cannot enter zones outside of the starting area. Crafting accounts are seperate because they are part of the guild, otherwise cannot go to the keep. This game is too easily abused with having alot of accounts, for rewards and making it so people cannot even enter a zone to try to pvp (as happens in dregs). You stated this game would not be pay to win, yet you made it so. The only way you can make it not pay to win, is to take away the alt account abuse. It is their fault for buying a poorly made dergs ton of accounts for a game they can only play one account on at a time. Make it so an alt account can only go out of safe area if, and only if, their main account is offline, and still cannot be guilded. Since they will never be able to be in a guild, they cannot possibly gain rewards in dregs. In faction v faction however they could due to participation only.

8. Keep development - Okay, we took a keep. Now for the next 8 hours we need about 30 people to turn this into a full time job. Seriously? This is a pvp game not a pve game. Stop it, just stop. Fire the person who did this, and lower it extremely. I remember the day you thought pack pigs were a good idea, having a conversation with one person controlling a few accounts, while publically laughing at the developer there. When noone else is playing i want something to do, well hey here is pack pigs more pve!!! The most stupid thing I have seen from a developer, and having been on this game as a backer for as long as I have, I have seen alot of stupid things from this development team. In a pvp game there is NEVER downtime, in any game. There is always action in some form, or even barring that, harvesting to do. So you actively made a change to your game based on there being nothing happening. Just stop. Just effing stop. Nerf the massive amounts of pve. 

9. Open your mouth and talk - you did this once per month for years, and it was refreshing to get from a game. Now you are ignoring everything you possibly can and are making ace-tiggs have to cover for you deleting and editing posts to not  look so bad, which is even worse than your ignoring stuff. You owe everyone an explanation for the poorly made dergs you have done, and your plans on fixing them, as well as actively fixing these situations that are so horribly game ending, you are set to have no game left by september 1st at the rate you are going.

10. Make a place that is only for competative pvp only, with its own rewards even if small. You were told repeatedly over years that this game was poorly made dergs and needed moderated with balance among factions / etc, with the best pvp, and only enforced competative pvp your game had, being held in the ek's. You managed not to take this to heart, and where have your pvpers gone? Take a guess, not here. I swear to god that after years things cannot sink into your heads. at all and it is very worrisome as a player to see developers behave in this manner. An arena where you can queue for 5v5, and 10v10 battles would make this game literally 20x more fun to most people that ever would play this game. At least as long as they are not having to grind with this absolutely wonderful amount of pve. I recommend having an arena for the entirety of the remaining life of your game. This will attract players and bring some back because pvpers love competative pvp. The rest of your game may be dog poorly made dergs forever, but in the least you might have this.


These are the issues that must be addressed hands down that are the most severe to causes that people are leaving. This deals mainly with promoting cheating / rewarding it, extreme imbalance, and massive amounts of pve grind, as well as lack of any form of competative pvp. Keep in mind this is in a game you advertized as a game with competative pvp, little to no grind, and not pay to win. You have failed on all three categories, badly. What you have done with your game is bad enough that I have already asked the bbb to investigate and your response on this will heavily influence what is to come, so you had honestly better respond.


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