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No Benefit to Equipping Multiple Enchanted Armor Pieces?


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It doesn't appear that wearing multiple pieces of enchanted armor do anything, unless I'm missing something. 

I have a full set of leather enchanted for Necromancy and the stat it affects only goes up by about .3% when I equip one piece, and the 3 other seem to do nothing. 

Is this intended, because it seems broken?

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  • Solstar changed the title to No Benefit to Equipping Multiple Enchanted Armor Pieces?
On 8/9/2021 at 9:34 AM, Solstar said:

I'll have to look again at the caps. I have 200 Int and like 165 Dex. 

Don't bother looking at attributes too much.  At best they only gives you 20 statistics. (Yes, from 250 attribute points).

You want to upgrade your Discipline, and find Jewelry for crafting stats to reach the statistic cap.

You can also rely on racial bonuses and EK thrall statistic buff.

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How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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