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Can we have a list of EK that actually sell goods ?


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I don't see any EK advertisement anywhere, may be I am not looking properly ?

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I found a couple

- Aerynth Traders (They have the most vendors however not a whole lot of useful things however good spot if your chasing Discaplines though might take some diggy to get through other than that it seems to be mostly mob dropped stuff or overpriced items, could be because all the good finds are purchased fairly quicly since it the most popular location) just not due to its popularity there a couple copy cat version named the same thing aswell
- The Undead legeion vendors (Has some decent priced crafted weapons occasionally crafted Armor, also find some well priced crafting disaplines there too occasionaly which you dont see often) this is where i would go for 100dmg weapons and jewelery thats not overpriced

The vendors I've been relay hunting though are a reliable source of harvested resources however i Havant found any of those yet sadly


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You can find some information about trade EKs in the Eternal Kingdoms section of this forum, and in the trade-bazaar and ek-vendors channels in the Community Discord.

The most popular is Aerynth Traders, which has over 90 vendors owned by about 80 different members of the community.


It also has a full set of crafting stations with thrall buffs for convenient crafting.  (No running back and forth to a bank, just hit B from anywhere to bank.)


You can even get your own vendor stall! Auctions are running in the Aerynth Traders discord: https://discord.gg/KAWjMWv


Take care to avoid the counterfeit knock-off EKs run by hucksters trying to capitalize on the good names of more popular EKs.



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I've given up on going anywhere else and just do Aerynth. 

Most of the vendors are open/stocked with good merc. Pricing seems pretty decent across the whole spectrum of vendors there. 

Between that and this game's crap lobby/loading hogwash, it's kind of a no-brainer to make AT your first, if not only, stop for most gear/consumables shopping. 

@veeshan Thanks for the info about the UDL shop. Going to keep that in mind for when /if I have the coin for some more upscale gear shopping. :)


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The LFG Bazaar has a growing shopping district, crafting area, and curated landscape! Certainly not as big as Aerynth, we prefer actually finding what you're looking for in a reasonable amount of time. :P Just kidding, I go to Aerynth too sometimes, but hey, check us out! Most vendors do commission work as well.

Check out the [-LFG-] Bazaar (Trade) for shops of all kinds!

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Port Royal Traders, mostly over other Eternal Kingdoms, we sell stepping stone vessels in green of all races and white quality . Also
Advanced Poison Toxins, white quivers and Intermediate Tools and Harvesting Consumables.

It's loaded up around popular times.

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SF [Traders] is a large EK with a few vendors right now. We always have a stock of every tool for harvesting your need. We have been listing jewelry and DISCs as well. LFG and Aerynth are you one stop shops for sure but we always love visitors at our EK. 

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