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The Skull Throne


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Yaga surveyed the throngs of crows, seeking her champions. She found us: The Skull Throne. 

Despite our guild name, we're not soley focused on PvP. Crowfall requires a more than just hack and slach to be successful. We've got crafters and harvesters of all types working together to make our tiny guild of active players successfull. Of course, we do love banding together and ensuring we pay our respects to our patron Deity in the form of enemy skulls as well!

We're seeking anyone with a mature attitude toward the game. You won't see our members getting involved in general beyond mild good-natured trash talk. General Trolls with massive epeens need not apply. If you can't get completely destroyed in PvP and reply with a hearty "GF"- this isn't the guild for you. Likewise, we don't have a high tolerance drama and anyone causing it will be swiftly removed. If there's an issue, bring it up directly and officers will absolutely help work it out.

Now that all the "DO NOTs" our out of the way, what are the benefits you ask? As mentioned, we only seek mature, good-natured players. When it comes to guild composition, its always quality over quantity. We have a largish EK, primarily a Feif parcel with a Keep, Lodge, and plenty of room for more cottages/vendors. We hep each other out, most of the crafters will provide whatever you need for free provided we have the stock of materials to make it happen. Case-in-point; we just provided crafted common vessels for anyone that didn't already acquire one.

If you are interested in being a part of something bigger, but don't want to just be a cog in a war machine, consider The Skull Throne! Apply today or drop by our discord:



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