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Crafting help


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So I have been diving into crafting a little and read a few guides, but it's rather confusing what stats i need to focus on. I am just wanting to be able to craft my own weapons and armor as a Confessor. 


So I figured I'd  use my confessor for the leather working/woodworking since it looks like I need int for that. And a different character for gathering skinning and logging.  However I am not sure if racials matter, or I can just keep using my Ranger since he has high dex for gathering skinning and logging?

Thanks for any help.

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Elken get bonuses to leatherworking, wood elf get bonuses to woodworking.  If you hit I and go to detail then craft tab, it shows all stats and which attributes increase what.  I focus on expermination points then expermintation, then general when it comes to stats.

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