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EK markets need a large bazaar style building


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Title... Smaller EK's with one or two vendors can do with the small house and vendor front but trying to go into Aerynth Traders or any other large vendor EK and buy anything with the amount of huts there is ridiculously tedious.  Hopefully a larger bazaar style building is in the works that has multiple vendor slots centralized for convenience.  It would also be amazing if there were a purchase board at the load in of the EK to search for your item but I can see how the community might not want something like this, ill take the bazaar building instead.  Maybe this is being worked on or mentioned before but thought I would bring it up.  :)  

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14 hours ago, BucDen said:

I'd like to see buildings similar to the Marketplace in Asheron's Call.

Individual stalls for vendors organized throughout a set of rooms. 


 Looks a bit like the market wards in FFXIV 1.0, they where terrible. Still better then what we now have though.


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Look at the Market system in EVE. You are able to search for the things you want to buy, but still have to travel there. That could also work in CF. 

A system like this would also be good to keep the competition for prices and saves Lifetime because of loadingscreens

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