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knights and cooldown


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How would you take advantage of the 30% long power cooldown that knights get? Also, after looking at the stats details I found there are 2 stats for cooldowns: long and short. What's the difference and how do I get more CD reduction?

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  • Wanini changed the title to knights and cooldown

IIRC, short is 10 seconds or less and long is greater than 10 seconds.

Back when we had skill trees, the one-handed melee tree had skills that reduced short cooldowns when using an axe. I don't think there are any short-cooldown reduction abilities any more.

The Benediction ability (Cloisterer major disc) reduces long cooldowns by 10%, but the cap is 35%, so you won't get full benefit from it as a knight.

There are a lot of abilities that work well with our cooldown reduction, though. My Elken uses Protection Stakes and Wee One, and can keep both up almost all the time.

Benediction has a 25 second cooldown (reduced to 23 seconds by Benediction) and lasts for 30 seconds, so you can keep it up indefinitely.

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Damn, I'm looking at majors in a whole new light. I doubt it will be optimal, but I think I could pick majors 1st then build a knight around them. Imma be a squire with justice sentinel + banners. I don't know how good [reprisal] will be but it comes with the [banner of storms].

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