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Request 22149 VIP turned off


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My VIP recently turned off when it should not have. I submitted an email to crowfall support and was assigned request number 22149. While you guys figure out how to fix the issue in it's entirety can you flip the switch on my VIP. It's a bit inconvenient (as intended) to not have VIP, but since I paid for it I would like it to be active. Currently my crafter was speced to combat to level and I am unable to perform crafting. I planned and relied upon VIP to swap back and forth. Thank you.



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More than a week has passed and my issue has not been resolved. I exchanged emails back and forth with Jack Kirby. There is a bug involved in this issue. Jack Kirby wants to resolve the issue in a way that is me agreeing to forfeit my kickstarter package. I keep refusing and asking to be provided what I paid for in full. 

I feel quite belittled as he keep repeating to me the same message asking me to forfeit my kickstarter and just let him add VIP to the account, which is unacceptable. I've tried messaging Ace Tiggs to request some intervention. I've also requested for my ticket to be escalated, but again was belittled by Jack Kirby informing me that no further escalation was possible as he is the top dog regarding CSR. I provided my telephone number to them seeking to resolve the issue. A week and all I get are curt, cut and paste responses to my emails asking for follow up.

I tried calling the only telephone number that comes up when you google Artcraft 512-694-2318. It goes straight to voice mail. Is there way to get in touch with a human? Do they have a legal department that can explain to them how consumer protection works?

Any suggestion on how to resolve the issue that is being bottlenecked at Jack Kirby?

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have you tried this one? $$$$$$$$$$

EDIT sorry Jtodd, luckily I thought to call it and found out it was your number. ignore my gasp and hangup.

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