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[FWB] Friends With Benefits


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  Do you want friends?
People to play with?
     Need some ... benefits?


[FWB] Friends With Benefits is recruiting for our small, highly active guild. We focus on small scale (5-15 player) PVP, gold farming, harvesting, and especially crafting. We have an EK with all of the essential amenities and plenty of space for additional cottages and vendor stalls for all your economic needs. Our eventual long term population goal is no more than 50 regularly active players, as this will be essential for defending keeps going forward with the new systems being implemented.

We prune inactive players each week, and as such, our member total is reflective of our actual number of active guild members. Unlike some large guilds with many inactive members, you will quickly get to know our members, many of whom can provide gear, advice, and ... dare I say ... companionship!

Our guild requires no application process, simply join in game by searching for FWB in the Social Tab (press P by default.) This will place you into the Initiate role. 

To become a full member, please join our discord and set your /nick nickname to your in game name, so we can add your to groups easier! Mention @Trueshot and you will receive your Member Benefits role to access the majority of our channels.

We hope to provide a great small-scale experience in the Shadows (FvF) and occasionally the Dregs (GvG) when we are feeling extra spicy, and to help you achieve your harvesting and crafting goals!


- Trueshot, guild leader of Friends With Benefits


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Hello.  I am currently looking for a guild to join and haven't decided yet.  What is the name of your EK?  I would like to look around if it's open to the public.

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