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More Health please


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Meant to be undead, less durable than a peice of paper. What gives Gods?

3x health at least, cats have 9 lives so this is conservative in comparasion.

Raise Time-To-Kill, Cooldowns would actually matter, ~2% extra damage mitigation of plate having ~6% more weight

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6 minutes ago, calqulon said:

Put points into con instead of maxing dps points and going glass cannon?

lmao. Speccing extra con isn't going to do anything except gimp yourself. Even tank specs that do basically 0 damage are obliterated in seconds due to how excessively damage scales beyond defenses

There is already another thread on how silly TTK is atm. Honestly HP should really be doubled across the board if the damage ceiling is going to stay so excessively high, amongst other things like re balancing defenses in general.

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