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Server Reset Clarification or Campaign Reset?


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Hey there I have all characters on Factions server and trying to wrap my head around what I'm supposed to do with all this stuff I've accumulated after my 1st week of playing the game, Especially now that I have this Alert Message telling me I better move all my stuff or it's gonna get deleted.  I'm assuming this is being done to equalize the next campaign so new players have a better chance and to have better fights correct?  Depending on all your import coins that's how many items you can transfer to the new server or campaign right?  Therefor if that's true I'm gonna wanna bring over all my best items is it going to be enough for all characters and all their runest?   What about the merchant I just bought is that gonna get wiped?   I mean I think I remember not having alot of import coins.  So I made a bunch of characters to optimize crafting bcz of the racial bonuses and hopping back and forth to craft and harvest is part of the fun.  This isn't intuitive at all we have to manually bring over 100's of items across all characters or it gets deleted?  I'm literally only getting info for this from guildies, my vault is already full and i have 2 donkeys and a full merchant lol this is gonna take like a while just going back and forth waiting for load times and the 20 sec logout screen per character for all characters. This is all 2nd hand info I'm getting from guildies so I'm just asking for clarification.  Is there a place I can find a more thorough explanation or link I can pour over.  There's gotta be an easier way right?  I mean this just seems like a huge waste of time and a massive pain.

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